The city of the sky-rising buildings, the federation of street sellers – the one-of-a-kind semi culture of trading, the city with the bustling business and places you could roam around all the way. Watch the sun drift down to the ocean while eating an authentic isso-wade (a prawn food item) at the beaches and you can name it ‘The City’ of Lanka.


The sacred city with the Lord Buddha’s most venerable temple of the tooth shining bright among the misty hills and unique traditions of construction, dance and customs. If you are to feel the heritage of Sri Lanka the Dalada Perahera – a parade full of tuskers and traditional colorful dancing all night, is not to be missed.


The big unmissable destination in the south. It's at once endlessly exotic, bursting with the scent of spices and salty winds, and yet also, with its wonderful collection of Dutch-colonial buildings, a town of great beauty. Classic architecture melds with a dramatic tropical setting to create a reality that is endlessly interesting. Wandering the old walls and streets at random yields one architectural surprise after another as you explore the amazing collection of structures dating back through the centuries.

Nuwara Eliya

Sri Lanka is different from mile to mile and Nuwara Eliya could be the perfect example to show out what cold and mistiness is like inside the country. The beautiful flowers, strawberries and hiking and trekking sites around the location Nuwara Eliya offers a plenty of sites you could watch which may drag you to a deeper history. You can see many old English-style lawns and gardens around private homes which rouse nostalgic memories of bygone years.


Sigiriya, named as one of the UNESCO heritage sites, this beautiful city with a view of gigantic rock castle would make you go “WOW”. It is not enough to admire it from the round, but have to take the uphill climb starting from” Lions Mouth” to the summit, where you will see the ponds with water jets. The science behind getting enough pressure to bring this water up in to the summit is still a miracle.

With Attraction Leisure, you get the chance to visit the beautiful Dambulla city, with its beautiful temple with golden Buddha statues. The beauty of this city will definitely get you going to rant to your neighbors about Sri Lanka when you go back home.

Yala National Park

Monkeys jumping over and about through the trees, peacocks showing off their stolen prettiest frocks and elephants idling to and from while curious leopards slide like shadows through the Yala National Park, you are expected to keep your eyes wide open as it takes you through a journey in the Jungle Book. The dry woodland and open patches of grasslands is big wilder corner of Sri Lanka.

Wilpattu National Park

A famous destination for safari tours in Sri Lanka. The famous Wilapattu is one of the “rainforest and savannah mixes of a “park where you get to see the lazy crocodiles and fighting wild pigs. Home to many native animals, this exotic place is a sure winner with any traveller who appreciates wild life in its highest form. The homeland to many native birds, Wilapattu is especially remarkable for its wide array of birds and species. Wilapattu is a prominent destination for many visitors planning a Sri Lankan safari Holiday. There are a wide variety of reptiles in the Park such as the mugger crocodile, monitor lizard, Indian python, soft-shelled turtle, pond -turtle , common cobra and rat snake. The wild Safari tours is one of the best that you will ever experience.


Kitulgala is the adrenalin-sports capital of Sri Lanka. For the moment most visitors are the young and energetic of Colombo, but more and more foreign visitors are starting to discover the delights of white-water rafting, jungle trekking, bird watching and cave exploration. The town’s other main claim to fame is that David Lean filmed his 1957 Oscar-winning epic Bridge on the River Kwai here.